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Saturday, 26 March 2011

Pilot: Then and Now

Here at DirtyGum I am new to the blogging experience. But my ignorance will not contain my desire to share with you what I like to call, 'Dirty Gum'. The kind of gum not chewed by the every day Nilly Normal. A subtly dark new side to the mainstream pop culture world, delivered to you in a new flavour and colour every week. Todays colour? Violet.

The death of violet eyed Elizabeth Taylor has left me doing just what her life had. Appreciating. On that note, here lie the little pieces of influential fashion (forgetting for just a moment that she was so much more than just that) that Taylor has left behind of herself.

The bralet and high-waisted shorts number.

The dark, thick eyebrows and lashes.

The white One-Peice.

And of course, the big jewellery.

Thank you, Liz Taylor.

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